Len Bechtold, President of Team-38, Inc. will retire on December 1st 2007 and close the company, effective that date.


This change will positively impact the 2 main projects that Len is presently involved with.


The first is to build and fly his brand new Titan T-51 Mustang kit and consult with the factory and other kit builders on V-6 conversion engine installations.   Len will be flying to the major fly-in events in the T-51 and plans to continue his forum presentations.


The second positive impact will be to transition from what has been a slow moving design and drawing phase of the P-38 replica to actually beginning a build up of the flyable .8P-38 prototype.


At the appropriate time, Len will introduce a new web site that will chronicle the progress of these activities, including the revised specifications for the .8P-38.